Have you ever noticed, when you’re in the moment you get so much more out of it? I have. ¬†Whether it be talking with someone, eating, thinking, doing… to be in the moment brings about much more satisfaction than treating something as a task and quickly moving onto the next thing.

Thank you for subscribing to my new healthy living blog. I can’t promise you what I will be writing about, or even how often, but I do hope it will be something that you will be able to relate to and feel connected to.

Mindfulness is why I founded HUNKA Foods. With so many temptations out there to lose ourselves in snack heaven it’s easy to forget that snack foods can add value to our diets. Taste buds everywhere can still leap for joy and gone for good is the feeling of remorse that comes about after consuming empty calories. Hooray for HUNKA!

Are you the CHO? Are you the Chief Health Officer of your family, someone you care for, or yourself? The next time you are choosing which foods and snacks to buy remember this- ingredients matter. But only if you want to bring out the best in people. That is what we believe at HUNKA Foods.

We are very excited to finally be here. Thank you for the visit, we hope you will stay for the ride.

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You are naturally exciting,

Suzanne Anthony

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