About Us

HUNKA is an acronym that stands for:

Holistic    United    Nutritious    Kind   &  Amazing


Everything we make is Gluten Free and Vegan.  We only use premium quality ingredients in our products.  Hunka Foods are perfect for groups of people, or for a family with different dietary needs. Or for those seeking the best in baked goods. Everything is made from scratch.

All of our decadent and wholesome products are made in our home. We are a cottage bakery. We bake in small batches & really like it this way.


We take a whole approach to life. We value the parts as much as the whole. Translation- the best ingredients make for the best finished product. We source everything Non GMO. Our ingredients are always all natural, or organic when they are concerning. Avoiding the dirty dozen? We are too. Looking for more medium chain fatty acids? New research shows coconut oil may help prevent, slow down and reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. We use organic extra virgin coconut oil in nearly all of our products.  This is just one example of how we are looking out for you.


We align with companies that think as we do. We buy local when available but also source the world. Our chocolate chips come from Peru. They are made in an allergy free facility and are soy free. There are no milk products on the production line. Peru as a country said NO to Monsanto and GMO’s. Way to go Peru!

Much of our flour comes from Bob’s Red Mill in Oregon. They source all of their product Non-GMO.


At HUNKA Foods we believe INGREDIENTS MATTER. There are so many other Gluten Free/Vegan products on the market these days for you to choose from. We would like you to be sure to notice our ingredients. Sure we are known for our scrumptious good taste that no one can tell is gluten free or vegan.  But if you’re searching for more wholesome nutrition from your snack foods where starch is not the main ingredient then stick with us.


There are loads of ways to be kind and show kindness.  Show interest and gratitude in one another, the planet, our wildlife and our animals. Kind thoughts lead to kind and caring actions. Kindness matters.


We value your good health, vitality, joyfulness and longevity, just as we do our own. At HUNKA Foods we know that food allergies & sensitivities  are rising so we have leaped in to help out. We offer gourmet goodies that just about everyone will want. So prepare to hide them from the kids, Lol.

While we don’t advocate sweets and treats as the main stay of anyone’s daily digest, we do recognize that within a healthy diet there is probably a little wiggle room to “spend” your calories as you wish. Voila HUNKA Foods. We’ve packed our baked goods full of what’s good. So you can have your “cake” and feel good too.

~Food is sustenance for your beautiful bodies. Yet not everyone can eat the same. We urge you to pay attention to how you feel after eating major potential food allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, eggs. Actually anything consumable could be an allergen.

Please read all labels carefully

Many of our products contain nuts

We wish you much peace and love as you travel forward in life,


The HUNKA Foods family

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